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Northanger Abbey: The Game! Experience Jane Austen's classic satirical romance in a whole new way. Dance, love, and discover the secrets of the Abbey. Choose one of three genders and five love/friendship interests, and see what lies beyond the pages of the novel.

Still very much in production, but I'd love to hear people's feedback on what I have thus far!

The structure of the game is such that if you make all the canon choices (eg a good natured but somewhat ditzy female main character who is in love with Henry) then the plot plays out very much like the original book. But the more different your choices, the more different the plot! I am currently most of the way through writing the "canon" main branch, and then will write the two non-canon main branches and all their little side branches.

Main character:

A 17 year old romantic hoping to find love on their first trip to Bath. Can be male/female/non binary and present as male/female/genderqueer.

Love interests:

Henry Tilney: A snarky priest with an eye for muslin.

Eleanor Tilney: Has a quiet, dry wit and hidden secrets.

Isabella Thorpe: An enthusiastic, friendly young woman with a ruthless streak.

John Thorpe: ...really likes horses.

Secret love interest not shown in the demo: ?????

Plans for the future:
*Finish writing
*Nicer versions of sprites
*Nicer versions of backgrounds

More information

Published1 year ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
AuthorSpiral Atlas
TagsDating Sim, humor, humour, LGBT, Otome, queer, Romance, Visual Novel
Player countSingleplayer


NorthangerAbbey-1.0-all.zip (34 MB)


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Oh im halfway on this book and i really like it. So to see there is a game is really cool!! :D

It's a great book. You'll have to play my game when you're done and compare :)